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Survey Network is a brand new and exciting survey panel created by the Quick Reward Network. The Survey Network Panel is only for UK residents. By becoming a member you will have the opportunity to earn as much as £10 per survey you take and receive surveys on a daily basis.

This market research site is different to other survey panels for a number of reasons these are as follows:

1) There is absolutely no charge to join - All survey sites that we list on Paypal Surveys will never change you a fee to join.

2) Every survey that you take at Survey Network pays you in cash via Paypal.

3)  All payments are processed within days instead of months - Your earnings will be added to your account 1 - 2 days after the survey has been completed, you will find at other research sites that you may be waiting between 30 - 60 days to before your money is processed.

4) Paid surveys are sent regularly - Everyday you will receive an e-mail that is packed full of high paying surveys for you to take. If you fill in all the questionnaires that are sent to you, you could easily be earning as much as £3 - £5 per day.

5) They have an excellent customer service department - You will always get a prompt response on any queries that you may have about their service.

6) Possibility to test free products - On occasions you may be invited to test a free product, at the end of the test the product will be yours to keep and you will be rewarded financially.

As soon as you have made enough money in your account you will be paid straight into your Paypal account.

For joining today you will get a £1 bonus added straight into your online account to get you started.

At Survey Network your personal data is kept strictly confidential. You will never be asked to sign up to any third party offers without your permission.

Eligibility and Benefits

Daily paid surveys

Earn cash for every survey you take

Cash sent directly to your Paypal account

100% free to join

£1 bonus to get you started

Payments processed quickly

Excellent customer services

Personal data kept confidential

Any age (With parental permission if under 18)

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